Mets come from behind and sink the Pirates

The Mets did a good job at the plate against the Pirates, and an OK job in the field, but not too great. There was a few times when Benson and Piazza lost communication, and ended up being a base hit on a short little hit. The two were thinking that it was really a foul ball, and the umpire said it was not. Also, a play similar to what broke up the no-hitter for Pedro Martinez in LA, but easier, Gerald Williams looked sloppy in the field, dropping the ball when he had it in his glove and his hand. Also, on a successful double play, Cairo and Reyes kind of lost communication when Reyes JUST touched second base, if at all, to get the out at second and threw it to first for the double play…/ At the plate, the Mets looked amazin’. The Mets sent nine men to the plate in the bottom of the second against Redman. After guys were walked, Kris Benson hit a two-run singleto left field. After that, Cairo hit it off the wall, JUST missing a home run…AFTER THAT, Jose Reyes hit a sac fly to score a run. Also, in that mix, Gerald Williams had a run-scoring hit…PHEW, that was a lot to say. Anyway, later in the game, Cliff Floyd sent one into right field over the fence for a two- run shot off of reliever John Grabow. In the dugout hung Mike Cameron’s #44 jersey in support for him, who is over in Sand Diego still in the hospital, recovering from surgery. The Mets are not sure whether he will be back this season, but they are hopeful.


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