Castro's HR gets mets .5 games away

Mets take first of three from Phils, move up in the division and wild card race

If….IF, IF, IF, IF, AND IF, The Mets win tonight and the Marlins lose, the Mets will be in first place for the wild card lead and in second place in the NL East. So if the playoffs were to start tomorrow and all of that described would have happened, the Mets would be in the playoffs. But we still have a little over a month to play, and the Mets play a lot of rivalry games, many against the NL East, so we’ll see what happens when October comes. Will the Mets be in it…..or out? We’ll have to wait.

By the way, the division is also up for grabs. Are the Mets willing? Of course. The braves only have a 5 game lead over the Mets, plus, if the Mets win tonight and basically, everyone else loses, that story will change. So their special goal to reach would be starting out with the wild card, once there, the DIVISION


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