Piazza's all done with Mets


Mike Piazza has played his last game with the Mets, playing great with the Mets since 1998. He has hit more home runs than any catcher in the history of major league baseball.
The future hall of famer received a curtain call and stood outside the dugout while the fans cheered him on for 15 minutes.

The crowd was larger than probably any team in their last game not heading for the playoffs, cheering for him for the last time as a Met.

There are many career highlights for Piazza, but to me, the best thing that Piazza can do is hit a home run against the Yankees or the Braves, two teams that I hate.

Mike Piazza will most likely go to the American League to be a Designated Hitter, not having to worry about playing catcher, since he is 37 years old.

“They love him here. They love guys who dominate in this city,” Floyd said. “So they really appreciate his greatness. You always knew that. But this was something more. This is a tough place to play. And he’s played great for them. They’re on his side now till the day he dies.”


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