Cowboys beat giants in OT

Final: Cowboys 16, Giants 13, OT

Overtime had to decide the Giants-Cowboys NFC East game. Scoring bounced back and forth, but the Cowboys won it. Rookie goal line back Brandon Jacobs fumbled in the 4th quarter and the Cowboys recovered, almost sealing the win for the Cowboys. NOT SO FAST. The Cowboys couldn’t come up with anything on the following drive, punting it to the Giants. With only a little bit of time left, Eli manning and the Giants were down 13-6. When the Cowboys punted to the Giants, the Giants started their drive. Eli threw the ball to Plaxico Burress, coming closer to the endzone, and then throwing it to Jeremy Shockey for the tying touchdown in the end of the 4th quarter. Soon after… maybe luck really won it all for the Cowboys. They won the coin toss in overtime, started their drive, and passed the ball to Witten to put themselves in field goal range. They kicked the field goal, and won the game, beating the Giants to put themselves in first place in the NFC East with a 4-2 record, ahead of the rest of the NFC East, all with records of 3-2.


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