Giants vs. 49ers!

Giants (5-2) @ 49ers (2-5)

The New York Football Giants head to San Francisco, their first time since the 2002 season, a season ending in a horrible, horrible way. All because of the bad referees, the Giants were taken away a chance to win the game and go on to the divisional playoffs.


The red hot New York Giants don’t want to do what they did last year at 5-2, lose on the road the following game. This year the Giants will definitley do their best to avoid it, not in Arizona, but in San Francisco.

Date: Sunday, November 6th

Time: 4:05 PM Eastern (1:00 at site of game)

Site: Monster Park

Surface: Grass


Series: 49ers lead 13-11

Streak: 49ers, 4 games

Alex Smith will be starting at quarterback, facing the Giants defense who did not allow A POINT last week vs the Redskins, and gave Joe Gibbs his first regular season shutout. For more information on the game, visit,, or

    The Giant offense

The Giants are expected to run all over the 49ers when it comes to passing. San Francisco is ranked last in the league, giving up 328.5 yards per game on average. This is mostly from injuries. The Giants are expected to do well against the run, and probably get a good day from Tiki Barber, but the 49ers are a little bit better against the run than the pass.

    The Giant defense

Against the run:

The 49ers could do well against the Giants shaky defense, but after last week…I don’t think so. That is just my opinion. The 49ers have Kevan Barlow, who has been running as the starting HB this year, but right behind him, they have Frank Gore, who scored on a 72-yard touchdown run against the Redskins. Gore will see a some playing time behind Barlow, who is banged up a little, and was hurt last week, but will play this week. Gore is strong and fast, and has good vision. The 49ers are not good when they run the ball, 23rd in the NFL and average 90 yards per game, but probably will go over the regular this week agianst the Giant defense, who have been giving up yards this season–not last week as much, but for the whole season. The Giants defense showed off their good side last weekend, and we’ll have to see what happens this weekend.

Against the pass:

Alex Smith has been struggling this season, as predicted since he took over as starting QB. Also, Smith is working with a hurt offensive line, which is definitley not helping him there. He was sacked 5 times apiece by the Redskins and the Colts. Alex Smith hurt his knee, and he might not play, and if he can’t play, they will start Cody Pickett. On the season, Alex Smith has completed 23-50 throws for 100 yards and 5 interceptions. He has been fumbling this year a few times, and watch out for the Giants, they’ll be all over him. Wide recieveivers Brandon Lloyd and Johnny Morton are dependable targets for Smith, who has been without Battle for the season due to injury. Barlow can also do good with short passes.

Other News:

Peter King from Inside the NFL said that Tiki Barber may be the most underrated backs in the NFL.

I completely agree. He has put up great numbers throughout his career, and last week showed what he can do with 206 rushing yards. Last year he won the yards from scrimmage of all RB’s in the NFL.

Sources: “The Giant Insider”, “”, and HBO Sports “Inside the NFL”


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