Final: (you're not going to believe this) Vikings 24, Giants 21

First of all: Giants fumbled opening kickoff, then at half time, the Vikings returned the 2nd half opening kickoff. Second of all: Eli Manning threw 4 interceptions, 3 going to the same guy, and 1 returned for a touchdown, by the same guy. Third: Passes were underthrown, dropped…just NOT THE GIANTS. The Giants did make a comeback and tied the game with around a minute left on the clock with a two point conversion, but that was too much time to have left, as the Vikings, after the Giants tied, drove fast down to field goal range as Paul Edinger kicked the game winning field goal.

What I don’t understand is that the Giants had 10 seconds on the clock at a little behind midfield after the Vikings scored, no timeouts, but had time to throw the ball out of bounds to reach field goal range. Instead, don’t ask me why, Eli throws the ball up the middle, running out the clock to lose the game to a team that was 3-5 and the Giants were 6-2. Amani Toomer had a good game, not Plaxico Burress, who wasn’t thrown too much, and when he was thrown to, the pass was either intercepted, or thrown too far behind him.

Even on the Viking’s worst offensive performance of the season and without Daunte Culpepper, they still easily managed to win. The Giants defense did good up until the last drive. The
Giant’s own Special Teams is what beat them. They couldn’t tackle or do anything right.

Tom Coughlin’s face…you know his face–and–well—this time it was certainly not one of his good days, if he has any, as he was FLIPPING OUT on the sidelines.

The Giants were 5-2 last year and went 6-10 as they lost to a bad team at the time, the Cardinals, still bad. This year, the Giants were 6-2 and lost to a bad team. Don’t get any thoughts, because it won’t happen again. The Giants, I think will win the division.

Next Game: Eagles @ Giants—–NO T.O. AND NO MCNABB—McMahon is going to start at QB for the Eagles.


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