Giants beat Dallas in big game

Final: Giants 17, Eagles 10: Giants take a game lead for the top of the NFC East

The Giants took a 10-0 lead at the half, then added that right after the half when Antonio Pierce picked up a fumble and returned it for a touchdown, bringing the Giants lead to 17-0. Soon though, the Cowboys came back and scored 10 points. They had plenty of time for one last possession, and had gotten the ball with about 2 minutes left in the game. They failed, punted, the Giants soon punted back, and then there was much less time. The Cowboys then had no more timeouts and failed to score.
Eli Manning did not do good, completing 12-31 passes and didn’t throw a touchdown pass for the first time in quite a few games. Tiki Barber did get over 100 yards, and scored. Brandon Jacobs also scored. Eli’s passes were not accurate, throwing too low to Burress a few times, and getting picked off a few times. The Giants defense did have another good game, stopping the Cowboys on many of their drives, and allowed barely any passing game at all.


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