“People keep talking about the game we had how ever many weeks ago against the Redskins, and it’s completely not in play for this one,â€? Barber said. “It’s a different point in the season, it’s a different set of circumstances for both of our teams. We have to go down there and neutralize their big advantage, the crowd, and their confidence coming off that huge win against the Cowboys.â€?

“This is a big game for us,â€? quarterback Eli Manning said. “And everybody around the locker room knows that and we just have to have a good plan and go out there and find a way to win the game.â€?

With a win, the Giants clinch the NFC East division title. With a Minnesota loss, the Giants clinch a playoff berth. The Redskins can clinch a playoff berth with a win, Atlanta loss, Minnesota loss, and Dallas loss. For the Giants to get a First-Round Bye, the Giants need the Panthers and the Bears to lose one game each this week or next week. The Redskins defense will be all over Eli Manning and the Giants today, trying to pay back for the 36-0 shutout that the Giants handed the Redskins in week 8. Other than last week, the last time that Tiki Barber had a 200 yard rushing game was in week 8 against the Redskins. Watch for the Redskins crowd to be very loud and try to make the Giants get false starts.


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