Mets get El Duque for Julio.

The Mets traded Jorge Julio for Orlando Hernandez two days ago to the D-Backs.
-This trade definitley helps both teams. The Mets needed a boost in their rotation, while the D-backs needed a boost in their pen. This makes the Mets rotation great with many veteran pitchers who haven’t exactly threw fast their whole career, except Pedro used to be fast. The new rotation includes Pedro, Glavine, Trachsel, El Duque, which is a great rotation.
Today, El Duque make his Mets debut against the Marlins at 1:20 PM

The first two games of the series were split between the Mets and the Marlins.

Pedro lost his first game, which he shouldn’t have, and the team always lets him down when it comes to giving him run support in his last 5 starts or so.

In the second game, Glavine threw good, and the Mets won, David Wright, who was sitting out the day before with back spasms, came back and got on base every time he got up to bat.


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