Mets Driven out of Boston; head to Bronx

The Mets were swept by the Red Sox… UGH

The Mets are still 11.5 ahead of 2nd place, and Tonight, El Duque will be facing Mike Mussina at Yankee Stadium.

the Word: Floyd is back, But right after Mets sent Lastings Milledge down to AAA, they found out Nady had a fracture in his wrist after being hit by a pitch. Also, Carlos Delgado woke up a few days ago in Boston with a stomach ache and hasn’t gotten rid of it yet.

In the first game of the Boston Series, the Mets had Alay Soler on the mound, and lost badly, but had homers from Marrero and others. In the 2nd game, Pedro was cheered the whole game. Before the game the Red Sox fans cheered him because of what he gave them all those years at Fenway, and during the game because he didn’t care what he was doing, he just did horribly because he was “caught up in emotions,” as he said. Whatever.

The Mets have several players most likely starting in the All Star Game. Paul Lo Duca, Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Beltran.


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