Giants Fall Over

FINAL SCORE: Giants 42, Seahawks 30

The Giants fell over…


Down 42-3, the Giants came back making the score 42-40

The Hurry up offense was awesome in the end, something the Giants should do more often.

The Defense came out with 3 interceptions off Hasselbeck, one returned for a TD, one resulting in a score, but one just gave right back by an Eli interception.

David Tyree did great filling in for the injured Plaxico Burress


Eli stunk in the first half, throwing pick after pick.

The receivers couldnt catch a ball if it was a life or death situation.

Burress didn’t secure the ball, causing a fumble.

The defense, again left receivers open for scores.

The offense, when picked off, gave the Seahawks great field position, making it very tough and tiring for the New York Giants defense.

Postgame reactions were horrible, Shockey criticizing the Giants coaching staff… Yet the press shouldn’t have interviews while the players are still in the heat of the battle.


One thought on “Giants Fall Over

  1. Matty the giants are going to win this week vs. the Redskins, we just got to stop Santana Moss, and 92 needs to get a sack

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