Giants will play the Eagles in the playoffs next week after beating Washington with over 220 rushing yards by RB Tiki Barber and a solid performance by the Giants to keep Tiki Barber’s career going.

The Giants are the Number 6 seed in the NFC. If they win vs. Eagles, they will play Chicago in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

The Game will be at 4:30 pm ET. on FOX next Sunday

Eagles will ROT in their own stadium!!!!
#3 vs. #6



While the Giants play the Eagles on Sunday, the Cowboys will play the Seahawks on Saturday. Over in the AFC, The Colts can clinch a first round bye with a WIN and BALT loss. The Ravens can clinch a first round bye with a WIN. They can also clinch home field advantage with a WIN + SD loss. If the Colts lose, they drop to the number 4 seed in the aFC, while the Patriots hop to the number 3 seed in the AFC. In the NFC, the Bears and the Saints have first round byes, while the Bears have home field advantage. In the AFC, the only thing known currently about the number 1 and 2 seeds are that San Diego has a First Round playoff Bye.

NFC CONFERENCE STANDINGS- bold means division winners
* – Home field advantage, Z- first round bye, Y- Division Title, X- playoff berth
1. Bears – yz*
2. Saints – yz
3. Eagles – y
4. Seahawks – y

5. Cowboys – x
6. Giants – x


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