Giants future

I say keep Coughlin, don’t fire him, because the Giants cannot keep firing/hiring head coaches every 5 years. The Giants hired Tom Coughlin for discipline, and that is what heCoughlin takes off his headset after Akers kicks the game winning field goal is, a disciplinarian. The problem is, things have been upside down for the Giants ever since they knocked off the Texans, when the Giants at that time (6-2) were looking at a first round bye right in their face. The Giants were then preparing to face the Bears in an NFC showdown, and the Giants success continued, when they drove down the field quickly on their opening possession. They didn’t come up with a touchdown, which they wanted, but instead a field goal. Soon after, the Giants kicked it off to the Bears, who started a drive of their own. All of a sudden, the player subbing for the injured Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, came up with a great heads up interception of Rex Grossman, returning it to the Chicago 4 yard line. The Giants then, in that game, took a 13-3 lead. Things seemed great for the Giants (6-2) hosting the Bears (7-1). Not so fast. The Bears slowly came back, and later in the game, had a 3rd and 33. What did they do? They ran the ball, picking up a first down. That play marks the turning point in the New York Giants 2006 season. The Giants never recovered. They let that game get out of hand, losing 38-20. The following week Big Blue took a beating from the Jaguars, 26-10, in a game where RB Tiki Barber criticized the Giants’ coaching staff, he was upset that the Giants relied too much on the passing game during that game. He had 27 yards on 10 carries. The following week, the Giants’ seemed to recover, just in time. They took a 21-0 lead against the Titans. The defense did horrible, the offense never scored again, and the Giants fell apart, almost for good. Here’s the sad situation. 4th-and-10 for the Titans. Vince Young takes the snap, under pressure, is hit by Mathias Kiwanuka to end the game, BUT NO, he doesn’t hang on, he lets go, thinking that Young already threw the ball. Kiwanuka didn’t want to be flagged for roughing the passer. Young found his way for a first down, eventually tying the game. The Giants had the ball with a chance to win the game. Eli manning threw it up, was picked off by Adam “Pacman” Jones, and the Titans kicked the field goal to win it. The Giants had a 4th quarter 21-0 lead and a playoff berth in their hands. They threw it away. The following week against the Cowboys, the Giants were playing for first place. They put up a good fight. The game was a great game, again Kiwanuka had an interception, but FUMBLED IT. The game was tied at 20 late in the 4th quarter. The Cowboys recently fired Vanderjagt for his inconsistency, and hired Martin Gramatica, a former Buccaneers kicker. Gramatica won the game with a field goal late in the 4th quarter. The Giants then dropped to 6-6. They saved their season with a win against the Panthers, but here we go again against the Eagles. The Giants played nearly the same game they played vs. Dallas. Close right to the end. They had the lead in the 4th quarter, and the horrible defense let it go. The Giants lost, dropped to 6-7. Their super bowl chances were at an all time low. The season kept digging it’s hole, making it harder to get out. They started out great against the Saints taking at 7-0 lead to start the game on Christmas eve. That was the end of that. The Saints but a beating on the Giants and clinched themselves a first round playoff bye with a 30-7 victory. The Giants salvaged all that was left, beating the Redskins with their great RB, Tiki Barber, picking up over 200 yards, the most in his career as a Giant, and improved the Giants to 8-8, and clinching a playoff berth in the mediocre NFC. The NFC Wild Card game against the Eagles seemed to start out great, with a Touchdown to Burress, and the Giants hopped out to a 7-0 lead. The defense did great, stopping Garcia and the Eagles, forcing them to punt. The Eagles punted it off, Giving the Giants great field position. This happened numerous times. The Giants never took advantage of it. The Giants were trailing 20-14, and came back to tie the game with about 5 minutes to go. The Eagles burned all of that time, and drove down the field to set up David Akers’ game winning field goal, sending the Eagles to New Orleans.


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