Jerry Ree$e vs. Ernie Accorsi

The new Giants General Manager Jerry Reese already is showing that he is way different from Ernie Accorsi. Jerry Reese already has showed that he wants younger players, and he’s willing to get rid of anyone for more cap room.

He recently cut LaVar Arrington, Luke Petitogut, Carlos Emmons, and Chad Morton. All of those cuts seem fine excepr for LaVar Arrington, a former pro-bowler who signed a mega contract with the Giants just last year.

This reminds me of what the Marlins GM did the season after they signed Delgado.

The LaVar cut was the stupidest thing I’ve seen since the Giants went 4-12 a few years ago. I can see the Emmons cut, but only as an individual cut, because now the Giants have two veteran Linebackers gone.

The good news of all this craziness is that the Giants are loaded with Cap Room.

I don’t know about this Jerry Reese. He Better sign a huge free agent this offseason… I’m hoping Thomas Jones.


2 thoughts on “Jerry Ree$e vs. Ernie Accorsi

  1. Jerry Reese is crazy….. Who cuts two veterans linebackers and a veteran offense linemen. He better good at making deals because a running back and prob a good linebacker besides Antonio Pierce and with all that cap who knows who they could sign. IF the giants dont sign good people they might end up like the Jets and go 4-12 and tom coughlin is on the hot seat. They almost fired him. But they can always go to the draft.

    *they also need a wideout, Toomer is a little old…

    J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets,
    Garrett Smith

  2. Releasing Lavar Arrington is the first of many mistakes Jerry Reese will make.His plan was to get younger,healthy,and cheaper guys.Now,If im right,Lavar stood to make only $900,000 because he didn’t hit his incentives.At most he could hit his incentives and make the Giants better.They didn’t save any money because they still had to pay him guaranteed money they had to by releasing him.I like Kawika Mitchell but he’s no Lavar.Everyone the Giants have signed are the same age if not older than him.In all my 27 years as a Giants Fan Ive never been more disgusted.Jerry Reese had a good name before he took over because he was never in direct contact with fans or seen.But now his name will be ruined by himself and his foolish decisions.

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