Cards vs. Mets-Game 2 of Spring Training

March 2nd, 2007

Yesterday, the Mets lost to the Tigers, 5-4. The Mets pitching was horrible…

Today the Mets play the Cardinals, who won the WS last season.

Mets   vs Cardinals

Tom Glavine vs. Chris Carpenter-  Game time 1:10 PM

Mets lineup:

1.  SS – Jose Reyes

2.  3B – David Wright

3.  CF – Carlos Beltran

4.  1B  – Carlos Delgado

5.  LF  –  Moises Alou

6.  RF  –  Shawn Green

7.  DH –   Ruben Sierra

8.  C    –   Ramon Castro

9.  2B  –  Anderson Hernandez 

-Wille Randolph said that these batting orders mean nothing except for the fact that he is just trying to get certain players more at-bats.


One thought on “Cards vs. Mets-Game 2 of Spring Training

  1. The mets basically just need to rest, even though i know that lots of you are all excited and anxious over the fact the freaking skankee fans are on our backs but i need to tell you one thing, WAIT TILL THE REGULAR SEASON BECAUSE THATS WHEN OUR BOYZ ARE GONNA BE THE NEXT BASEBALL TEAM OF NEW YORK!!!!!! WE’RE MAKING HISTORY BABY!!! AMAZINS ALL DA WAY! OUR SEASON HAS COME!!!!!

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