Matt’s Interview with Endy Chavez


Matt Tracy interview with Endy Chavez.

1. Matt: How do you think spring training has gone so far?

Chavez: We are doing good because we are doing the little things, we a€™re working hard, and we’€™re taking a lot of advantage. The reaction is very comfortable, and we’re getting a lot of good reaction.

2. Matt: Will the bullpen and the offense hold for the starting pitching this season?

Chavez: Our starting pitching is very solid. We need to be consistent and need to make some runs, and we don’t have any problems on defense.

3. Matt: What did you think about today’€™s game?

Chavez: Today’s game? We played pretty good. We had a close game, We won, we hit the ball pretty good, and we played good defense, getting good pitching, doing good job.

4. Matt: What was everyone’€™s reaction to the catch you made in Game 7?

Chavez: Everybody was going crazy. Everyone said €œthat was a nice catch, that was a good catch that I’€™ve never seen before. It was fun, it was special.


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