Matt's Interview with John Maine


Matt Tracy Interview with John Maine

Time: 4 minutes.

1. Matt: What is your favorite baseball memory?

Maine: Playing or watching?

Matt: Playing

Maine: I think the whole postseason experience last season was pretty exciting.

2. Matt: Who did you call first when you were called up to the Mets?

Maine: My brother and sister. I called then and let them know I was starting.

3. Matt: Who is your best friend on the Mets?

Maine: I’m one of those guys who keep a low profile. I hang out with guys like Steve Schmoll (pitcher), Mike DeFelice (catcher).

4. Matt: What are some of your favorite things to do during your free time?

Maine: I like to play golf (smiles).

5. Matt: Who is the funniest player on the Mets?

Maine: Oh, there are a lot of them. I think Lastings (Milledge) is pretty funny, but I think (Ramon) Castro, he’s funny.

6. Matt: How does it feel to have several young Met fans looking up to you?

Maine: It feels good, but also, just any fan. I think we’re fortunate to be in this situation. There’s little kids coming up, and seeing them smile and enjoy the game is very exciting.

7. Matt: Who influenced you the most as you were coming up through the minor league system?

Maine: Nobody in particular. I had different coaches at different stages that helped me out at one point or another. Level to level, there were different coaches that I learned different things from.

8. Matt: How have you become a better player during your time with the Mets?

Maine: I think I’m starting to learn a little bit more about myself and about the game, and just getting out there and pitching more. You learn to become a better pitcher.

9. Matt: What was your playoff experience like last season, when you pitched game one of the NLDS, etc?

Maine: I was kind of thrown into it, but I like it like that, and it was just a great experience. How many rookies can go out and pitch in the postseason? Especially
New York, it’s a big city, so it was an exciting time.

10. Matt: How does it feel knowing that you have to watch the Cardinals celebrate their World Series win on opening day?

Maine: It’s tough, but that was last year. They played great and they deserved it. You just can’t worry about that and concentrate on this year.

11. Matt: How do you adjust to time changes on a west coast trip?

Maine: It’s not too bad. They try to make it easy for us either on an off day or if we have a day game. You get your sleep on the plane, so it’s not too bad.

12. Matt: What is the most exciting thing about being a Major League baseball player?

Maine: I think just playing in the stadium. To get 50,000 people to come watch you play is pretty exciting.

13. Matt: What kid of career are you planning on after baseball?

Maine: Well, I’ve never thought about it. I was an engineering major in college.

14. Matt: Who is your favorite active baseball player?

Maine: I grew up watching Glavine. It’s funny because I have a locker right next to him.

15. Matt: How often do you play baseball in the off-season?

Maine: You take a week off, two weeks at the most. You get away from it, then you get back into it, so it’s a twelve month thing.

Matt: That is it. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Matt's Interview with John Maine

  1. Man, it must be awesome to be married to an up and coming pitcher thats got good stuff. Who is the lucky girl? I think she might become the next “Glavine’s wife” at the games and such if he ever hits 300!

  2. Can’t believe that John Maine is taken and married as well. This definetly sucks for sure. At least I still have my eyes on David Wright.

    Thank you.

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