Mets Release SP Alay Soler

This morning the Mets released pitcher Alay Soler, as they start to trim down their roster to form the starting rotation.

I heard only great things about Soler throughout Spring Training, especially on how he lost weight and was in much better shape. I saw him eating a banana as he walked out of the Mets clubhouse into the players parking lot  

It turned out that he actually pitched pretty bad. I thought that the Mets would only bump him down to AAA, and see how he would do there… but that is where he was for most of last year, and his career needs to get going soon if he wants to be successful.

Background: Soler is 27 years old.  He played baseball for his country in the World University Games in Cuba in 1998 and in Italy in 2002. He also participated in the World Youth Games in 1996 and was a teammate of Jose Contreras in the Cuban National Series. He later played as a member of the Cuban National Team.

Soler defected from Cuba in November, 2003


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