Opening Day: Mets at Cardinals

On April 1, the defending NL East Champions NY Mets head to St. Louis to take on the defending World Series Champions, St. Louis Cardinals, at Busch Stadium at 8:05 PM (ESPN).
The Mets are going to send 41-years-young veteran lefty Tom Glavine, a 15 game winner last season, to the mound to take on former-Met Closer Braden Looper.

Looper, who had a role in the bullpen last season for the Cardinals, has transformed into a starter, an experiment they are willing to test.

Most likely, but not definite, the Mets are going to leave 3B David Wright in the number five spot in the lineup, and leave Catcher Paul Lo Duca in the number two spot in the lineup for opening day. When Paul Lo Duca is not catching, which is about once a week, and day games after night games, David Wright will most likely bat in the two hole after the Speedy Jose Reyes. Willie Randolph, even to this day, is still curious of what he wants to do with that situation.

The lineup should look as follows:

Visitor: Mets Home: Cardinals

  1. Jose Reyes SS                  1. David Eckstein SS
  2. Paul Lo Duca C                2. Chris Duncan LF
  3. Carlos Beltran CF            3. Albert Pujols 1B
  4. Carlos Delgado 1B           4. Jim Edmonds CF
  5. David Wright 3B              5. Scott Rolen 3B
  6. Moises Alou LF                6. Juan Encarnacion RF
  7. Shawn Green RF             7. Yadier Molina C
  8. Jose Valentin 2B              8. Adam Kennedy 2B
  9. Tom Glavine P                 9. Braden Looper P

This Game is the first of three. The second game is on April 3rd, and the third game is on April 4th.


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