Mets @ Braves: 1 PM on SNY

Happy Easter

The Mets finish their series against the Atlanta Braves tonight and fly home to take on the Phillies tomorrow in the HOME OPENER!!! The series is tied, 1-1.

Today’s projected Lineup looks like this:

1. Reyes SS

2. Lo Duca C

3. Beltran CF

4. Delgado 1B

5. Wright 3B

6. Alou LF

7. Green RF

8. Valentin 2B

9. Orlando Hernandez P

…Orlando Hernandez, who picked up the win in his first start against the Cardinals, hopes to make it 2-0 and send the Mets home with a series victory. He gave up one home run and only a few other hits, and never in one point during the game was in trouble. The Braves are starting Kyle Davies, who is filling in for the injured Lance Cormier.

What to watch for:

El Duque enters 2007 3-0 with a 0.45 ERA in three starts at Turner Field.

El Duque had two hits on Tuesday night, including a two-run double in the sixth. “He did it all,” as Randolph said in the game’s timeless phraseology. Let’s see what he does today.

Delgado, who hasn’t been hitting horribly, has not hit a home run yet. It’s still early, sure, but a home run today would surely help the Mets.

Homesick: The Mets are now into the sixth game of the season without a home game. Last season the Mets played opening day at home, while this year they had to go through St. Louis and Atlanta.

Minutes after yesterday’s game, Willie Randolph sat in his office and talked to reporters. “Lets go out tomorrow, get the two out of three and go back home,”

“It feels like I haven’t been home in a long time,” said Randolph. “[We plan to] get the energy going at home. I think a big part of our season last year was the good feeling we had at home and the energy the fans gave us, so I can’t wait to see what happens when we get back home.”


One thought on “Mets @ Braves: 1 PM on SNY

  1. you got a nice site man but you gotta advertise it especially since you’ve been doing it for a while it seems…love the interviews with maine and chavez try advertising on mets message boards and stuff like that

    Best of luck

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