PostGame- Phillies @ Mets

The Mets lost to the Phillies by a score of 5-3 tonight on a 47-degree night at Shea Stadium.

Oliver Perez had a fine start, allowing no hits for the first two innings, then allowed a single in the third and never looked back. He ended up walking consecutive batters, hitting another batter, and then was finally taken out after walking in three runs by Willie Randolph. I was hoping for a quality start from Perez, but I did not expect one. I ended up with what I expected but not what I had hoped

I question Willie Randolph’s decision there to take out Perez, although I don’t know if Aaron Sele was ready in the bullpen. If he wasn’t I understand, but if he was, then what was Willie doing letting that disaster get worse, which leads me to my next topic.

Not that this could be an example of tonight (Perez), but I think the Mets may lose some games this year because of Willie Randolph’s decision to leave pitchers in the game longer and letting the game get out of hand. Obviously that will happen on a team, but I believe it could get worse with Willie Randolph.

Even though I may disagree with him on some things, its hard to question his decisions, as he certainly knows what he is doing throughout the game with hints from his very smart coaches. Rick Peterson, A.K.A. “the jacket” is without question the smartest pitching coach in the major leagues. Willie also has along side him bench coach and former White Sox manager Jerry Manuel. His crew also inudes the third-base coach Sandy Alomar, SR., and former Met Howard Johnson “HoJo.”

Aaron Sele did a great job in long relief for Oliver Perez, who REALLY struggled with his accuracy, walking seven batters and hitting another.

Of all the negative news, third baseman David Wright extended his hitting streak to 19 games.

Called up: On Thursday, Mike Pelfrey will be called up to the Mets, and Lastings Milledge will most likely be sent down.

Tomorrow: The Mets will play the Phillies in the finale of a three-game set at Shea, with Glavine and Moyer facing off for the first time in their careers. First pitch is set for 7:10 p.m. ET.


2 thoughts on “PostGame- Phillies @ Mets

  1. i cant wait 4 2morrow’s game just to show all of those phillie fans how much of athreat the met sactually are they keep on saying they are the tream to beat but guess what we already beat them! NAd also i am sick of this a-rod stuff at the end of the season last year all vthe yankee fans hated a-rod and said that he was terrible but now that he is in a momentum they all love him soooo much like a little teddy bear ! MAKE UP YOUR MINDS YANKEE FANS! AND DONT FORGET PHILLIE FANS WE ARE COMING TO ROCK U SOCK U PICK U UP AND DROP LIKE THE 86 METS !!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO Lets Go METS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mets and Giants news » Deja Vu?

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