PostGame: Nats @ Mets

The Mets took game one of the three game series from the Nationals, inching out a one-run victory capped off by a ground ball single up the middle by 48-year old Julio Franco as he pinch hit in the seventh, scoring Wright. Julio, you just never get old, do you? Look at that picture!

-Jose Reyes picked up his sixth stolen base of the year, leading the majors.

– Delgado hit an RBI single, and was caught trying to stretch it into a double, as he argued the call. He slid inside the bag and tried to reach around, but was tagged out on a very close play.

-David Wright extended his hitting streak to 22 games, as he finally picked up a hit earlier in the game, as he had not in the past five games. He got a hit in his last at-bat of the past five games.

-Heilman picked up the win and he got himself out of a big jam, as did Feliciano earlier in the game.

-Wagner came into the ninth with a 3-2 lead in a big spot, which he needs since thats why he gets the BIG BUCKS.  He got a grounder for the first out, a popper for the second out, and a grounder easily picked up by Wright and thrown onto Delgado for the third out, giving Wagner his third save of the season, and the Mets their seventh win of the season.

-Wagner seemed very solid, as his fastball is up to 97 mph now. Wagner usually takes a few weeks to get his fastball back up to 100 mph. He earned the 327th save of his career, putting him 10th on the all-time saves list.

-As for Pelfrey, it wasn’t too bad of a start, but I just didn’t see anything special from him tonight. He got himself out of jams, but its not good that he’s getting himself INTO jams in the first place. Pelfrey should be alright, but I don’t think he’ll be OUTSTANDING this season.


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