PostGame: Mets vs. Nationals

The Mets lost to the Nationals today by a score of 6-2. David Wright nearly brought the Mets within a run of the Nationals with a crushed ball to dead center, but it was caught RIGHT at the corner of the wall.

-The Mets started with a 1-2-3 first inning.

-Endy Chavez nearly beat out a routine infield single in the first with his great speed.

-In the second, Nationals first baseman, Dmitri Young, hit a home run over the wall at right center field, a solo shot.

-Later in the inning a runner scored on a ground ball to Jose Valentin, who threw the runner out at first as there was no time for a double play.

-Endy Chavez hit his first triple of the season to right field. He had five last year.

-Later in the game, Wright tagged a runner out with two outs, which seemed to end the inning, but another runner came across to score before the tag.

-A home run made the score 6-1, Nationals.

-Here comes the part that makes me furious… ALRIGHT, there were several hit batters in last year’s series, but El Duque hit a batter on the hands, who didn’t even move his hands. The umpire immediately ejected Duque, who gave up a HR right before the hit batter. This call by the Umpire was horrible. The umpire was horrible throughout the game, as it all started on a bad call at the plate when Beltran was called out. Beltran was also called for strike three on a low and inside pitch, which Beltran was furious about.

The umpires were Mike Winters, Mark Wegner, Bruce Froemming, and Brian Runge.

In the eighth inning, Beltran had a leadoff single, and Delgado followed with another single. The rest of the batters in the inning blew it, as a pitching change didn’t help the Mets.

-Valentin hit two doubles, his second coming in the ninth.

-Tomorrow’s game may be rained out, due to a large winter storm… IN the SPRING! I’m so mad.


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