State of the Mets

The starting rotation, as expected, cooled down after the huge sweep in St. Louis and Oliver Perez’ 11-1 smearing of the Braves. As for Perez, I hope for the best, but it is hard to expect the best out of him, since he has been so inconsistent his whole career, and has shown he still is.

Power Outage: The Mets offense is, without question, the best offense in the major leagues. Their power does not show it, but they don’t need power. I’d take more base hits over less home runs any day. Besides, it’s only April 14, and we have a long 5 months to go.

Number 1!:  Espn’s power rankings have the Mets at number one, four spots up from last week. The Yankees are in second, and I am furious. The Yankees record is horrible and they lost last night. So… please tell me why they’re in second. I hate the Yankees!

Day game after Night game: Expect Ramon Castro to be handling the catching duties for the Mets in today’s 1 PM game at Shea Stadium, as Lo Duca needs his weekly break and it’s a day game after a night game.


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