Umpire Complaint

I wrote a complaint to Allan (Bud) H. Selig, the Commissioner of Baseball today.

This is the letter:

Dear Commissioner Mr. Allan H. Selig,

My name is Matthew Tracy and I am a 16-year old New York Met fan who lives in Morris, NY. Usually, I have no problem with Major League umpires, since I know they worked long and hard to get to their level, but during a Mets-Nationals game on Saturday, April 14, 2007, which started at 1:10 PM, I did.

The Home plate umpire was Mike Winters. The starting pitcher for the Mets was Orlando Hernandez. Throughout the game, I noticed that the umpire was calling strikes very low and inside to left-handed batters, such as Carlos Beltran. That didn’t make me very angry.

What made me very angry was something that happened in the sixth inning.

Orlando Hernandez had just given up a two-run home run to Chris Snelling. The next batter was Shawn Hill, who was hit by a pitch near the hands. Orlando Hernandez clearly was not trying to hit him, as the Mets were already losing by several runs and he wanted to get an out. Another thing that makes me angry is Shawn Hill made a weak attempt to move out of the way of the pitch. The home plate umpire ejected Hernandez without a warning, which changed the whole game around for the Mets.

I strongly suggest that you and/or the umpire supervisors look over this call. Please have Mike Winters respond to me with the reason for the ejection, as I saw no apparent reason.


One thought on “Umpire Complaint

  1. Hernandez was ejected because Winters determined that the
    plunking of Hill was intentional. By rule, no warning is necessary before ejection, if , in the umpire’s judgement, the hit batsman was intentional. It matters not whether Hill attempted to move”weakly” as you put it. All that matters is umpire JUDGEMENT.

    P.S. Good luck on the league having Mike Winters contact you to explain anything.

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