Reyes vs. Jeter

Kevin Kernan of the NY Post wrote last Monday in his Monday Mailbag on Yankee fans and Derek Jeter. Apparantley, Yankee fans were mad at Kernan for “killing Jeter” during a past story.

Kernan says:

“Derek Jeter makes three errors in two games and I write about it and some people think I am “killing’’ Jeter.

“Jose Reyes hits triples from both sides of the plate, is turning terrific double plays, and now I’m “killing’’ Jeter because I’m actually writing what is happening on the field and that at this moment, Reyes is the best shortstop in the game.

Yankee fans, some of them, at least, are a special breed. They think the Yankees have won every World Series since 2001. They think Alex Rodriguez has done nothing but pop up the last three years and that Jeter has never made an out that wasn’t a line drive.
And even though I was the biggest backer of Jeter in New York last year, writing that he should be MVP long before anyone else did; now I’m killing him because I actually am writing what is happening on the field.”


One thought on “Reyes vs. Jeter

  1. please take a look and see how many times jeter has made the last out of the game when it is “late and close” and look at his average with runners on base when it is late and close…. also take a look at his average in the post season including world series with runners on base and late and close…. you will be shocked … i was… i thought he was so clutch when in reality he struggles more than most in those situations…. weird

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