Rockies' Matsui to DL

According to, Rockies’ 2B Kaz Matsui, a former Met, has been put on the 15-day disabled list because of back spasms…

His stats are not bad at all this year! It must be that New York curse he had. He lost everything when he left Japan. He came to the Mets as a starting shortstop. He lost that job, so was a starting second baseman…lost that job, so eventually he became a high-paid bench player last season for the Mets, until the Mets traded him to the Rockies. Kaz Matsui’s numbers had declined so much from his all-star days in Japan that he was not even invited to play for Japan in the World Baseball Classic last season.

The Mets couldn’t afford to just have him sitting on the bench all year as a high-payed player that just didn’t cut it, so they finally traded him.

He’s hitting .361 and has five stolen bases in five attempts in eleven games for the Rockies this season.

It looks like Kaz has found a new home!


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