PreGame: Mets @ Marlins

Mets and Marlins are set to play game one of a two game series. John Maine will pitch against “D-Train” Dontrelle Willis.  The weather, unlike the beginning of the season for the Mets, is much, much warmer. The temperature at game time in Miami is supposed to be 79 degrees.

The Mets won big last night, with a final score of . Moises Alou had two home runs and a great defensive play. Tom Glavine is now just seven wins from 300 in his career.

Paul Lo Duca is a tough guy… he usually never leaves the game but he was forced to yesterday, as he took a foul tip off his hands. X-Rays were negative, and manager Willie Randolph announced he will be starting tonight.

Today’s lineup SHOULD look as follows:

1. Reyes        SS

2. Lo Duca    C

3. Beltran      CF

4. Delgado      1B

5. Wright        3B

6. Alou            LF

7. Green          RF

8. Valentin      2B

9. Maine           P

The warm weather should help people like Delgado get his swing going. I know he hates the cold and also, he has a new son, who is named Carlos Antoine Delgado. I hear he is up a few times a night, but thats what parents gotta do.

Let’s Go Mets!!


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