Mets have Day off.

Mets have a travel day, as they flew back from San Francisco after a 7-game road trip. The Mets won five and lost two, one apiece per series. David Wright hit a home run in Arizona while supplying the Mets with the deciding run of the game in the final game of the series yesterday.

While the Mets have been winning, they also have changed themselves a bit… in an odd, but funny way…

Mets 3B David Wright was talking with the Mets bullpen catcher, and talked him into getting his head shaved. Next thing you know, it was contagious and the whole entire team except for one player ended up shaving their head. Reyes, who likes his hair too much,  still hasn’t cut it all off, but the team is most likely going to talk him into getting a haircut when they get back to NY, hasn’t cut it yet.

Wow, watching the game the other night was hilarious… especially Shawn Green, he looks like an alien. The only one who doesn’t look very weird at all is Delgado, obviously since he was bald in the first place.

This whole thing is funny, and I hope the team keeps it up because it paid off. The Mets are still in first place with a 10-game homestand coming up… That all sounds good, but the RED-HOT Brewers are coming to town for three, then the 2nd place cubs for four, and finally the 2nd-place Crosstown Rival, New York Yankees for three.


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