Game 1 of Subway Series: Mets/Yanks

Yankees @ Mets starting at 7:10 PM

The struggling Yankees head ‘crosstown to Shea Stadium to play the New York Mets in the first of two Subway Series this season.

Game one of three begins tonight at Shea Stadium. Rain is expected for all three games of the series, but they’ll try to get as many as they can in, and if needed, probably play a doubleheader sometime in the series.

Pitching Matchup:

Andy Pettitte (2-2, 2.68 ERA) vs. Oliver Perez (4-3, 3.00 ERA). In Pettitte’s last start in Seattle, he gave up two runs in 7 1/3, but it wasn’t enough, as the Yankees couldn’t score runs for him and lost 2-1.

In Perez’ last start, he became two outs away from a shutout of the Milwaukee Brewers at Shea Stadium. His walks look like they are behind him, as he hasn’t had much trouble at all with location recently.

Lineup: It’s too early for it to be posted, and I’m guessing Endy Chavez will get the start in Left Field and Shawn Green in right. Most likely Damion Easley will get a start at Second with Valentin out for awhile.


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