Mets lose series to Braves, 2-1

In the lone game the Mets won from the Braves in their series together in Atlanta was because of Oliver Perez’s great start yet again. Metsblog was talking about how many say that him and Roberto Hernandez were a “throw-in” with the trade following Duaner Sanchez’s injury last year with the Pirates. He definitely proved the Pirates wrong.

Carlos Delgado has been moved to the number 6 spot in the order temporarily until he gets his average, which is at it’s lowest in several years, up. Until he does so, he’ll be batting sixth. Willie says that there may be a little bit more pressure batting fourth, so he’ll try and get him away from the pressure this way. Delgado thinks otherwise. He says there is no pressure.

Delgado has been struggling with the outside pitch and he has struck out often. He says that his reason for only having three homers by now is not because of his offseason arm surgery. It definitley could be a factor, since if he tells the press that it IS a problem, opposing pitchers will take advantage of it.

I think that if Delgado doesn’t come out of this slump by late June, early July, there’s going to be some talk around the Mets about putting Shawn Green at first and Gomez in right…Delgado needs to get it together, and fast if he wants to have the success he had last season.

Not that this matters, but similar topic, slumping. Jose Reyes tonight broke an 0-14 dip, but he also popped up to end the game. He hasn’t hit a HR since April 21.


Mets continue their road trip with a three-game set in Florida, in which LF Moises Alou will most likely return, along with Mets pitcher Orlando Hernandez, who will start Friday in the first of the three game series.

With Alou and Duque on their way back, the Mets should be able to start winning more games again and hopefully pad their lead in the National League East, which right now stands at 1.5 games ahead of Atlanta.

Bit of Overreaction as Smoltz wins 200th: Alright, wow, he won 200 games. Now can we all sit back down and continue the season? Jeez, did anyone catch Turner Field’s reaction to Smoltz winning his 200th game? They acted as if he just recorded a perfect game. The players, one by one, gave him a hug, the fans cheered him as he tipped his cap and waved to them. WOW, big overreaction in Atlanta…. and some may disagree with me because they still should cheer because of his 150 saves, but tonight wasn’t about a save, it was about a win for the Braves and being able to win the series against the Mets.


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