Mets, Delgado win first two from Fish

The Mets won the first two game of the series against the Marlins, but in my mind, more importantly is Carlos Delgado appears to be out of a very long slump. He has a hit in four straight games, while hitting two home runs last night and just missing another the night before. This power from Delgado is what the Mets need from a veteran player like him.

Everyone seems to be injured right now… EVERYONE. While Jose Valentin is still about a week away from returning to 2B, and Pedro Martinez around two months from returning, the Mets have some other worries, also. Outfielder Shawn Green broke a small bone in his foot after fouling a pitch off of it. Carlos Gomez strained a hamstring, but he’ll be sent back to NY for evaluation and return in a few days. Moises Alou is expected back next week, and finally, Paul Lo Duca left four innings after being pegged on his left elbow.

By the way, a bit off topic, but suspended Mets reliever Guillermo Mota comes back on Wednesday and Omar said he’ll put him in the bullpen immediately.

wow, did I get all the injuries? Well, it doesn’t seem to matter, as the Mets keep on rolling, with a record of 31-17, the best record in the NL, along with the second best record in the Major Leagues.

Today the Mets finish the series in South Florida against the Marlins, and head back to shea for a three game series with the San Francisco Giants.


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