Just Leave Bonds Alone

I will not cheer for Barry Bonds tonight because I am a Mets fan, and Bonds plays for the SF Giants, but I will say this: I’ll boo Barry Bonds the day that someone PROVES that he has done steroids. Until then, I will hope he breaks Aaron’s record. Besides, it will be nice to see someone become the new Home Run King in my era. Just because of suspicion doesn’t mean newspapers, fans, and other baseball people should say “I hope Bonds doesn’t break Aaron’s record because he used steroids.”

If the Mets fans are aiming to boo Bonds tonight, well then I sure better hear plenty of booing going around tomorrow when Guillermo Mota comes off his 60-day suspension for using steroids. At least he was proven to use steroids.

Oh, and Bud Selig needs to deal with the reporters and go to the game Bonds breaks the record at. Why would a commish miss that?

Shaun Powell of Newsday in New York wrote that Selig has no choice but to be there even though he and Aaron are close friends and even though Aaron has made it clear he won’t be around to pass the torch to Bonds.

“Bonds has never been proved guilty of anything, even with our strong suspicions,” Powell wrote.

For all of you out there who just thought “that is not true,” well here you go: Barry Bonds said that trainer Greg Anderson gave him a cream in 2003 that nobody thought was steroids, but it turned out it was. The reason that Bonds was using this cream was for his arthritis


2 thoughts on “Just Leave Bonds Alone

  1. Who is the hell is the idiot that wrote this story? Bonds took steroids! It doesn’t need to be proven! Look at the facts man, look at the evidence. Let me guess, I bet you think O.J. didn’t do it either huh? Greg Anderson (his trainer and long time friend from high school) was a gym rat. He lived his life in the gym. His body is huge. Put two and two together. Anderson used steroids in gym and then passed his knowledge on to Bonds! You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this out dude. You know he took it in your heart and yet you still want to be ignorant. Nobody needs to “prove” anything! i have bond’s rookie card. He is skinny as hell. Look at him now man! i go to the gym 6 days a week and have been working out since i was 13 and i know someone’s body can’t get that big without using performing enhancing drugs!! It just doesn’t happen. Its cheating, bottom line. it also doesn’t matter if whatever he used wasn’t illegal at the time, ITS STILL CHEATING!! He used drugs that enhanced his performance. He chose to cheat instead of busting his ass in the gym and EARNING IT like Hank Aaron did! You disgrace Hank Aaron by taking this fools side as well! The point of all of this is to look at the evidence and piece two and two together. He is a cheater and will always be known as that! Get a life man!

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