Mets Win Rubber Game vs. Bonds, Giants

Another series win! Final: Mets 4, SF 2

The Mets won the rubber game a day after being shut out by the San Francisco Giants for the first time this season.

Orlando Hernandez struggled early, giving up two runs in the first but then was nearly perfect from then on, giving up only TWO hits in the game. In a slightly tight spot late in the game, Joe Smith ended the inning with a strikeout… he is the BEST. The Mets ended the game with three hits allowed.

Billy Wagner has been great this season. He has 13 saves this season, all consecutive, and has 31 combined 06/07 saves.

Carlos Beltran collided with the first baseman in the early innings and left the game, most likely for precautionary reasons. He was subbed in by the struggling rookie Carlos Gomez.

Also, Reyes seems like a criminal with all these stolen bases, picking up another tonight, his 29th of the season.

By the way, I hope Bonds breaks this record and all, and I’m on his side about the steroids deal but MAN, is he a jerk. It seems he tries his best to be the most unfriendly and most hated player in baseball with his attitude. Here is why:

Okay, I notice his displeasure with talking to the media, as they only seem to focus on ‘roids and the record, but if he schedules to talk to reporters, he better move his butt out and talk to the reporters, because they have a job to do and they can’t be rejected by a snotty player like him.

Bonds also shows a serious lack of hustle. He never moves anymore. If he pops up to second or something, he’ll run–or should I say jog maybe halfway, IF THAT, to first base, which is pathetic. I hope that a ball drops in and he should be on second while he’s halfway to first.

Come on Barry, if you hate your life that much, just QUIT.  WOW.

Anyway, enough about that.

Mets upcoming Schedule:

Friday, June 1: Mets vs. D-Backs at Shea. 7:10 PM

John Maine (6-2) vs. Brandon Webb (4-3).

Saturday, June 2: Mets vs. D-Backs at Shea. 1:10 PM
Jorge Sosa (4-1) vs. Livan Hernandez (5-2)

Sunday, June 3: Mets vs. D-Backs at Shea. 1:10 PM

Doug Davis (3-6) vs. Oliver Perez (6-3)


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