Pedro Successfully Pitches from Mound.

Today at the Mets minor league complex in Port St Lucie Florida at around 1:11 AM, Pedro Martinez pitched 38 pitches off a mound exactly eight months after his rotator cuff surgery.

at, Jim Baumbach explains Pedro’s workout in full detail:

He threw off the mound following 15 minutes of agility drills and 15 minutes of long-tossing.
He practiced his delivery five times off the mound before throwing seven pitches, with minor league catcher Danny Cummins standing upright. Then Cummins crouched down and Martinez threw 15 pitches under a sweltering mid-90s heat.

He took a five-minute water break and practiced his delivery once more, before throwing 16 final pitches off the mound. The bullpen session lasted 12 minutes.

“He went into it with an understanding that he wasn’t going to push it,” Mets rehab pitching coach Randy Niemann. “He wanted to be free and easy.”

Niemann said as long as Martinez feels good, his next bullpen session could be Friday.


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