Mets Lose Series to Tigers

Final score: Tigers 15, Mets 7.

The Mets have lost six of their last seven games, and the only bright spot on the team right now seems to be David Wright. He has four homers in four straight games right now.

The Mets pitching has been horrible. The team’s offense has scored seven runs in consecutive games, and both games were losses due to pitching.

Alright, that was a great move by the Mets to send down the worthless David Newhan, and sent up Ricky Ledee, who wasn’t expected to do much, but the other night picked up two doubles. Obviously that’s a big improvement already…

BUT, the Mets still have some housecleaning to do. Aaron Heilman has struggled big time, and if he doesn’t clean himself up by all-star break, the Mets could deal him. He wants out anyway because he won’t stop whining that he wants to be a starter.

The Mets also need to get rid of Schoeneweis and Sele, they are both HORRIBLE and WORTHLESS. Schoeneweis seems to blow the game every time he comes in. Sele usually comes in when someone gets shelled for long relief, and he usually then allows even MORE runs to score. I think the Mets should have re-signed last year’s long reliever Darren Oliver.

Today the Mets begin a three game series in Los Angeles against the Dodgers. Pitching game 1 is El Duque, pitching game 2 is John Maine, while the RED HOT Jorge Sosa will pitch game three.

All three games of the series begin at 10:10 PM.


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