Mets WIN!


I wasn’t sure what to expect… I know Clemens is old and all, but the way the Mets had been playing before this game, I didn’t know if we could keep up with the hot Yankees, but we could.

The Mets won by a score of 2-0, a nice looking 0 on that board under the Yankees column made me feel GREAT. Oliver Perez had a nice start, allowing no runs in 7.1 innings. Jose Reyes shut everyone up who said that he was only getting singles lately by crushing a homer in the upper deck in right field, and at the same time going 3-for-3 with THREE stolen bases…wow did i cover everything that just HE did? Oh, shoot no I didn’t. He also had two RBI’s to go along with that. There, is that enough?

Great job to rookie Carlos Gomez, who made playing defense looks easy. He robbed former Met and traitor, Miguel Cairo of a 2-run HR by leaping up near the stands and taking a homer away, while immediately gunning the ball back to first for a double play….hmm… remind anyone of anything? If not, you should have watched Game 7 of the NLCS last year.

Carlos Delgado may be THE most streaky baseball player I have ever seen… no, make that THE most streaky ATHLETE I have EVER SEEN. He started the season horrible, then went and crushed homers left and right for about a week, then was off and on, and finally now is back to his slumping self. Jeez, you never know what to expect from him. He not only had an opher, was 0-for-4, but also had FOUR STRIKEOUTS! ooh! that makes me shiver just thinking of that!

Alright, Met fans, lets take game two from these guys and win the series already. Game two today at 1:05 PM.


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