… and that wow is not a great wow, as it was when Endy had his walk off bunt back earlier this year when the Mets were a good team… it’s a bad wow!

The Mets were shutout by a score of 9-0, while the team really must have forgotten about their game today beforehand. I have to say I really feel bad for all the fans that went today. The Mets should just make a 9-run refund rule, where if the Mets lose by 9 or more runs, the fans get their money back…

but enough of that. Jorge Sosa, coming off his second straight horrible outing, lasting 3.1 innings and gave up enough runs for a whole series. Not that any other pitcher who came after him did anything special either. Aaron Worthless Sele, who only comes in during a blowout, and then gives up a few more runs each time, gave up two more runs on top of Sosa’s 7 runs.

Even worse, the Mets had an unexpected four errors. Also, the Mets only managed to pick up four lousy hits… and if you think that’s worse enough for one game, wait ’till you hear this:

Ok, the Mets are playing the Twins, an AL team, so that must mean that their pitcher has never held a baseball bat within the last couple years, right? WRONG. The Mets looked so bad that even Johan Santana was on base twice with a walk, and then…ready? A DOUBLE! YUCK, that was the worst thing ever.

Alright, now let’s see here… who had hits for the mets today? OR should I say A hit…  Jose Reyes had one hit.. whoop dee do. Let’s see… Wright, Easley, and Gomez are the only other guys who managed to get a hit, and not one player managed to get anything better than a single. AAHH! I keep getting more scared about this team every passing day lately!

And just imagine how crappy it must have felt to be up in the booth with Gary, Keith and Ron. I didn’t even notice who else was with Gary today. I was just focusing on how much the Mets players get paid to lose 9-0 every day.

mlbtraderumors.com yesterday reported that the Mets may trade a prospect outfielder, probably Milledge within the next couple days for a starting pitcher, and today’s game sure didn’t erase that possibility with a horrible starting job by Sosa.

Let’s let Oliver Perez do his duty tomorrow and get the win.  We need this series more than a human needs water.


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