Mets Win Series Opener vs. Athletics

The Mets beat Mike Piazza’s current team tonight by a score of 9 to 1. YESSS!!!

No offense, Mike, but the Mets needed to win a lot more than the Athletics, because we have the Phillies and Braves right behind us.

So, here is what happened:

Glavine threw 8 great innings, even trying out the ninth but gave up a hit… he also had 2 hits on the day, an RBI single and a double. He finally picked up win number 296.

Jose Reyes bunted his way on base in the first and ran the bases like a cheetah and scored, putting the Mets up 1-0. The Athletics came back with a homer right after, but the Mets then took a 4-1 lead and broke things open. Shawn Green hit a homer off of a lefty for the first time this year and took it to the opposite field.. that’s good to see from a struggling hitter. Carlos Delgado picked up two hits, along with his friend Carlos Beltran, who smashed a homer deep into the picnic area at Shea. Reyes also legged out a triple, nearly scoring Tom Glavine in front of him.

Well, I’m sure anyone who did not watch the game knew that the Mets won right away when they didn’t see under the pitching chart a name of “Schoeneweis” or “Sele.”

Great job by the Mets tonight to turn things around. I don’t think anything specific turned it all around, as the team never is down, it is always tight and positive, which is a great thing. I think the team just focused a bit more after the day off and a fresh start of a new series.

With a win tomorrow, the Mets can FINALLY……WIN……A……SERIES


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