Mets Walk-Off with Second Straight Win

Final Score: Mets 1, Athletics 0!!!!!

Jeez. I wasn’t even here for this game and I came home and found out that the Mets won. I went crazy!

For the first five innings, according to my Mets buddy Rob, the game was extremely boring. No runs, no nothing. It became interesting in the sixth inning with Paul Lo Duca up to bat. He started arguing a called strike two, and the ump tossed him. Nothing much happened with that inning, as Ramon Castro was subbed in for him.

In the 7th, the A’s threatened as Willie Randolph then walked to the mound to chat with El Duque. El Duque brushed him away and said he’d like another batter. It actually worked out great as he struck out the batter (hmm, remind anyone a bit of the NLCS with Oliver Perez? Obviously it wasn’t a K, but it led to the greatest catch in baseball history.)

Pedro Feliciano and Aaron Heilman ended up with–get this– a SCORELESS 8TH. I don’t remember the last time I saw Heilman throw a scoreless inning lately (exaggeration, but still.)

I’ll cut to the chase to make a…well a short story short because it was scoreless till the end.

Castro hit a double to get the Mets going in the ninth. Beltran got intentionally walked, then David Wright hit a blooper to Travis Buck as he dove, missed it, and the ball rolled to the wall, winning the game for the Mets.

Well, that simply puts it all together. The Mets still need to get their offense in funk, but after last night’s 9 run job by the offense and today’s scoreless job pitching, I think the team is back.

The Mets have won a series for the first time in seven series and won consecutive games for the first time in 22 games.

Tomorrow the Mets end the interleague series against the A’s with a 1 pm game at Shea.


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