Beat this One, Lou Piniella

Last night, during the Mets 1-0 walk-off win at Shea Stadium, Paul Lo Duca strongly disagreed with a strike two call in the sixth inning.

Not only did he say a few words to the umpire, but then he absolutely blew up, similar to a time when Lou Piniella comes running out to the plate and kicks his hat, dirt, and throws the bases everywhere. Lo Duca was being held back by Mets skipper Willie Randolph and it seemed he just could NOT calm down.

Lo Duca, after arguing, seemed to throw everything he owned. He threw his helmet, batting gloves, and bat on the field. Once he marched madly back to the dugout, he then threw his shinpads from the dugout to the field. He attempted to throw the rest of everything he owned, but it hit the top of the dugout and bounced back.

“It’s always fun to see Lo Duca do his thing out there,” third baseman David Wright said. “I’m not saying everyone should do that, but he plays with emotion — I like that.”

The ejection, well, may have been a good thing, as Ramon Castro was the leadoff man on base and ended up scoring to win the game with David Wright’s walk-off hit.


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