Willie Wrong for Pulling Reyes

Willie Randolph pulled Reyes from yesterday’s shutout 4-0 loss against Houston, and put Ruben Gotay in his place. Jose Reyes didn’t run out what he thought was a foul ball, but it ended up fair and turned into an out. Willie Randolph, on pulling Reyes, said

“I won’t tolerate that from anyone, it doesn’t matter who it is.”

Wow, really, Willie? Well, it must be you don’t care about the guys who get paid even more money, (Delgado, Beltran) when they rarely would run that ball out.

I’m sure puzzled by that decision that he made, and it’s not like it gave the Mets a better chance to win the game. Willie makes some odd decisions that I don’t like sometimes, just like any manager, but this is probably the one I’ve disliked the most.


One thought on “Willie Wrong for Pulling Reyes

  1. Sorry Matt, but I disagree with you here. It’s the second time in three games that this happened to Reyes. The kid is obviously in a deep funk, something you can tell he doesn’t like at all.

    The kid needs a break. Sit him today. Sit him tomorrow. We wont miss his bat, and Gotay is a great fielder, IMHO.

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