Mets Outlast 'Stros in Longest Game of '07

The Mets longest game since 2006 when the Mets beat the Phillies in 16 innings, and the most innings since 1993 was a success in the end. The Mets, trailing 3-0 in the game, were helped by the bats of Carlos Delgado and David Wright to tie the game. The Mets and Astros brought the game all the way to the seventeenth inning.

The Astros had a runner on first and third, with two outs, when a ball was crushed off of Joe smith and sent to the deepest part of the Houston field, up on the hill. Carlos Beltran, a former Astro for 90 games in 2004, who said he would always practice catching fly balls on that hill, knew exactly how to play the ball as he ran up the hill and made a HUGE sliding play to keep the game tied. He made it look VERY easy, when, if it was any other centerfielder, the game would probably be over. He said that he knew exactly how to run up the hill, as he high-stepped to make it up the hill quicker.  The Mets are getting some of their money’s worth that they are throwing at him with his $119 million deal.


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