State of the Mets

Yesterday the Mets (51-41) had a great chance to widen the miniature gap in the standings between them, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The Mets lost to the Padres last night to kick-off their 7-game road trip that also includes a trip to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers. The Mets are currently 1.5 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves, who are losing right now, and 5 games ahead of the Phillies.

Howard Johnson, the team’s new hitting coach, ordered every player to take early batting practice, something the team didn’t see from recently-fired hitting coach Rick Down. He is expected to do this about once a series.

Most people right now are saying the Mets will be in 2nd place at the end of this road trip, which is certainly possible. The Mets face a tough schedule while out West, and need to win at least a few games out of this series to stay in first. I have one thing to say about this: It all depends on the Braves, whether they can win games or lose them.

One thing to notice is the way Reyes steps out of the box on his stride as a right-handed batter. It is odd that he has had success as a batter while doing that, because it is hard to reach an outside pitch doign that, and could also make a borderline strike look WAY outside when you step out, because your head becomes farther away from the plate.


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