Mets Have Great Chance to Pull Away in NL East

After a brutal, but winning road trip out west, the Mets head home to Shea for what should be a fairly simple homestand. The Mets won today, and with the Braves losing to the Cardinals, the Mets increased their lead in the NL East to 3.5 games heading back to NY for a 7-game homestand against the Pirates (41-56) and the Nationals (42-56).

The Mets (55-43) have a great chance of pulling away in the NL East as the Braves head on the road for 7 games. Though the schedule may seem easy for the Braves, they have to be careful because they may end up being the ones to give up Bonds’ record-breaking 756.

If the Mets can win both series, they can most likely take at least a 5 game lead, all depending on how the Braves can do.

…ohh and also it doesn’t hurt the Mets that veteran outfielder Moises Alou should be back for the series opener on Tuesday.


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