Moises Alou, who was expected to come off of the DL today and play for the Mets, will stay on it at least a few more days.

WOW, here we go AGAIN.

According to the Newsday, the leftfielder will have to stay on the disabled list for at least a few more days after injuring his right shoulder in his final minor league rehab game Sunday at Brooklyn.

Alou, who has been out of the lineup for more than two months with a groin injury, had an MRI Tuesday. The tests revealed tendinitis.

I am guessing the team should just put Alou’s whole entire BODY in a cast and leave it in there to prevent any more injury until he feels HEALTHY (wow, healthy and Alou in the same sentence?). When he feels healthy, bring him to the field in an ambulance to prevent any injury… JEEZ, this is never going to end. I feel like I have Ken Griffey Jr. on my favorite team.


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