Probably won't, but Strahan May Hold Out

According to the NY Daily News and it’s sources:

“…there are no current plans for the 35-year-old Strahan to hold out in an effort to get an increase in his $4 million salary, despite months of rumors and reports. However, everyone acknowledges that Strahan is unhappy with his contract, not thrilled with the team’s offseason activity, and is a wild card who on a whim could decide not to show up.

For the moment, though, that’s not part of his strategy. And the Giants don’t expect that to change.

“I’m not worried about that at all,” Giants GM Jerry Reese told the Daily News yesterday. “That’s been rumored since the very beginning. I don’t anticipate that happening. But you try to prepare for anything that can happen. If that does happen, we’ll be prepared for it.”

Strahan’s agent, Tony Agnone, declined comment and Strahan was unable to be reached for comment. According to sources, however, his unhappiness stems from a contentious meeting with Giants management in March, when he was rebuffed in his efforts to get a bump in his contract (he’s due $4 million both this year and next) and expressed his worries about the direction of the team.

Reese declined to comment on the specifics of that meeting. “That’s one of those in-house things that we keep to ourselves,” he said. But since then, Strahan’s situation has been complicated by the six-year, $72 million contract (with $30 million guaranteed) that Indianapolis gave defensive end Dwight Freeney and the seven-year, $49 million contract ($16 million guaranteed) the Lions gave defensive tackle Cory Redding.

Strahan has two years left on a seven-year, $46 million contract he signed in 2002 that included $20.9 million in guaranteed money. He said he believed he had an unwritten agreement with the Giants to revisit the deal prior to this season, though Reese made it clear to him in March that was something they weren’t willing to do.


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