Pedro Return Bumped to September

Well, Pedro is being forced by the Mets to wait longer and longer, which is not a bad thing. The Mets are purposely dragging out Pedro’s return to make sure he’s 100%. They really don’t want him coming back now and slowing down early or getting reinjured.

He is now expected to make another Simulated Start and then begin Rehab Starts in throughout the Mets Minor League System.

I really don’t care when he comes back as long as he is back for the start of the playoffs.

He has said all along that the process is going great and just as expected, and it still is. The doctors have been saying all along that his arm will be great and there shouldn’t be any problem with his fastball reaching the mid-to-high 90’s. Besides, why wouldn’t he be throwing that fast, he’ll have had a full year off.

Unless some crazy, unexpected late-season meltdown happens for the Mets, expect the Pedro of the 90’s to be the top gun in the Mets rotation come October.

Mets GM Omar Minaya, regarding Pedro Martinez, as quoted by Anthony Rieber at Newsday

“I’m counting on him. We’re counting on him. Counting on him to help us win games this season.â€?


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