PreGame: Mets/Cubs

The last time the Mets played a series at Wrigley Field, they scored 11 runs in one of the innings. That was when the Cubs weren’t doing so hot. Even earlier this year, when the Mets played the Cubs, they still were not doing great. Right now, after millions of dollars spent and fights in the dugouts, the Cubs have clawed their way to a first place tie with the slumping Milwaukee Brewers. Tomorrow’s game will be on Fix, and the next day’s game will be on ESPN.

Pitching Matchup:

Orlando Hernandez (7-4, 3.02) vs. Carlos Zambrano (14-7, 3.47).

The Mets (61-47,) are currently 4 games ahead of Philadelphia and 4.5 games ahead of Atlanta in the NL East.


Reyes SS, Newhan LF, Wright 3B, Delgado 1B, Anderson CF, Castro C, Green RF, Gotay 2B, Hernandez P.


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