Mets Need to Show Braves that they can Beat Them.

Well, the Mets continue to struggle against a team that doesn’t win as many games as them, the Braves. The Mets really need to win at least one game of this series, to show everyone that the Mets can actually beat their worst enemy. Long term, though, this series shouldn’t matter much, because there are 3 consecutive series coming up that the Mets play against some of the worst three teams, the Marlins, the Pirates, and the Nationals. If the mets can take 2 of out 3 in 2 of them and sweep the other, they’ll be doing great as they run toward the month of September. The most important thing for the Mets is to stay consistent and not to fall out of first place at all.

Tonight El Duque faces John Smoltz


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